Subsidized Student Loans


The student loan which the interest payments are subsidized is called A Subsidized Student Loan. In general terms, there is no interest payment for the student during the schooling time. There are no principle payments until after leaving school....

Don’t Lose Hope, You Can Repay Student Loans


Do you have any idea on how to repay student loans? In this day and age, it is essential that you have a good college education if you want to get a high-paying job and for most that means you have student loans. These loans can often get out of control when you get behind on payments, but fortunately there are a few things you can do to dig...

All About Federal Student Loan Consolidation and Its Specific Features


The Federal student loan consolidation allows a student to consolidate all his loans for one single loan at a lower interest rate. The student could also lengthen his term (tenor) of payment. Many financial institutions provide federal consolidation student loans. The students have a right to choose the most reasonable loan package that suits...

Federal Student Loans: Phenomenon Currency for the Student’s Needs


Lots of hassles for the students while studying. The hassles may be in these statuses like paying the tuition or examination fee, hostel charges, library bills, buying important books and computer which has become the essential ingredient of the modern education. For all these education issues the students always need cash to avert them....

Defaulted Student Loans: Blessing in Disguise for the Defaulted Student


Number of students are such who are under the financial crises due to defaulted, arrears or late payments and so on. Are you also defaulted student? If yes, don’t worry then there is an answerer of Defaulted Student Loans for this entire question. With the assistance of Defaulted Student Loans you can make your dream of education come true by...

Consolidate Student Loan to Keep Financial Tensions at Bay


Taking a student’s loan is not a difficult task these days. With the large number of loan providers, students can fulfill all their requirements by taking a good student’s loan. As it is said that there is always two sides of a coin, similar is the case with a student’s loan facility. Even though these loans provide benefits and financial support...

Federal Student Loan Consolidation: are You a Good Candidate?


As you probably know already since you are looking for student loan consolidations, there are a couple of types of student loans. Basically you will find private student loans and federal student loans, and then a bunch of subcategories between the two. When a student has a large number of student loans, and he or she is having a problem with...

How to Get Student Loans?

Student loans are financial aids given to students to pay for their school needs such as tuition, books, and other miscellaneous items.
How to Get Student Loans:

1. Federal student loans
A. Subsidized loan – student must show satisfactory academic performance, have finished high school, show intent to enroll and finish a degree and in need of monetary aid. Interest is shouldered by the government

B. Unsubsidized loan – student is not required to show a need for monetary aid. It offers a low interest rate. Student can opt to pay the interest while enrolled or let the interest accumulate to be paid later along with the principal loan. Like the subsidized loan, payment of the loan plus interest will start after graduation
Once a student decides to get the federal student loan, getting and submitting a student loan application is the next step. They can obtain the Free Application for Federal States Aid (FAFSA) from their school. The FAFSA is also available online. Submission can also be done online. Processing of FAFSA is fairly fast. It takes about 4-6 weeks. Students must make sure documents are complete and information is correct to avoid delay.

2. Private student loans – student will need a co-signer with a good credit standing to get approval for this type of loan. Private lenders and credit card companies fall under this type. Private student loan is advisable if an emergency financial need arise within the semester. Things like computer repair expenses or payment for medical emergencies.

Another option a student may take is to apply for a scholarship. Schools do offer scholarship grants and he only needs to check the requirements and apply. Some schools offer full or half scholarship. Still another option would be to work summers or do part-time jobs. Doing part-time job will set the young on the right track. This will give them the financial independence and help them see the importance of saving up for their education.
If a student is seriously looking for ways on how to get student loans, he should ask around. Look for the ones offering the lowest interest rate. Maybe look for longer repayment scheme. He must not forget to ask when payment will start. Would it be right after college or a year after? He must make sure to know the exact time. It is also crucial to borrow only the amount that he will actually need. He should ask advice before signing up. A fresh graduate need not be overwhelmed of debts after graduation. He needs this time to think of career paths he should take and the financial opportunities it would give him.