Is Student Loan Consolidation on Private Loans Really An Option?

Debt Consolidation

Private student loans are credit-based and have more attractive repayment terms as well as interest rates. It can really help in saving money every month unlike the Federal student loans. Private student loan consolidation is simply the process of refinancing and combining private student loans into a single debt only. It may result to a lower...

Student Loan Consolidation - Debt Consolidation

Student loan consolidation allows you to combine several existing student loans into one single new loan to lower your monthly repayments. Loan consolidation can be applied to both federal loans and private student loans. Note that there is a separate program for each of the two types of loans, you cannot combine federal and private loans into one consolidation program. It is possible to be eligible for loan consolidation when you have unfulfilled or overdue repayments.

If you consider consolidating your student loan, you should evaluate the cons and the pros and especially pay attention to the costs of repayment with and without consolidation! By all means consolidating your loan will be more expensive in the long term. Since, it will lower you monthly payment obligations but lengthen your repayment term.

Find below the most important advantages and disadvantages of student loan consolidation:


  • Student loan consolidation centralize your payments: you will only pay to one single financial institution.
  • You have an extended repayment period, depending on the total amount borrowed on your student loan.
  • Financial institutions offer you a phased repayment plan with taking your income into account. Also, they keep a close eye on making sure you keep a good credit qualification.
  • By extending the repayment period your monthly repayments reduce.
  • The interest rate is usually lower than that of one or more student loans.
  • There are no fees charged for student loan consolidation.


  • The interest rate for student loan consolidation is fixed (for FFELP and FDLP) during the repayment period.
  • You cannot benefit from decreasing interest rates because the interest rates are fixed.
  • The total amount of interest you have to pay could increase a lot if you decide to extend the repayment period.
  • Once you have agreed upon the student loan consolidation contract it cannot be undone until you have repaid the full amount of debt.

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