Grants and Scholarships

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A college scholarship is an award of access to a higher education institution and/or a financial aid award for a student to further their education. Scholarships are not only based on financial need, but also on academic merit, athletic performance or a specific field of study! It is an alternative way to pay for college with the advantage that...

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Figuring out how to pay for college can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. If tuition, room and board cannot be paid for with savings (which is becoming nearly impossible to do in this day and age), students or parents need to figure out how they are going to fund their education. ...

Public Government Loans

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The Federal government requires that students and parents fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It will be used to calculate a student’s eligibility for federal aid. The FAFSA looks like a tax form and is used to track income and assets of parents and students. About 5% of parental assets will be expected to be used for...

Can I Cancel My Debt?

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There are many names for the process of reducing a portion or all of your student loan debt due to some extenuating circumstances: cancellation, deferment, dischargement, forbearance or forgiveness. There are subtle differences in the details of the processes – Deferment and Forbearance are temporary postponements of your repayment schedule;...

Various Details of a Student Loan

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The Cost of Attendance (COA) to a school – tuition and fees, room, board, books, supplies, equipment, transportation, dependent child care and personal expenses – are usually covered by a student loan. Some loans cover costs for renting or purchasing a computer or studying for the Bar Exam....

Getting Debt Relief In California During Economic Slowdown

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Increasing numbers of [Americans] are having serious money problems. Bankruptcy is an option but the laws have changed and it is not always the best way forward. Some people find themselves in financial trouble because of a job loss or abundant medical bills. Remember that there are others just like you and there are ways to overcome this...

Useful Info About Credit Repair Background Checks

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You have to check out the profile of every credit repair company you find on the internet. More than that, you have to do some background check on them too. When you have seen all there is to learn from there, you will have a better idea which of them you can trust, and which can help you. If you don’t understand the laws that govern loans and...

Free Foreclosure Listing: Where to Find Them

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There are many websites that offer instant access to free foreclosure listings. There are various online companies that are well worth checking out, and the number one reason that you should use the Internet if you are looking to get a free foreclosure listing is because the websites are updated daily. These free foreclosure listing sites will...

The Student Loan: Solution to Your Educational Pursuit

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In the general social perspective, education is considered as the ticket of each individual for a good life and career success. In this view, the career development pursuit of each person relies primarily on the educational level acquired by the person determining his or her specialty and line of business for work and employment. For this aspect,...

Things To Consider When Remortgaging

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Over the past couple of months the base interest rate in the UK has fallen by a massive 2% in total, and this is likely to have brought huge relief to many consumers who have variable rate mortgages and have seen their rates rocket over the past couple of years. Not all banks will necessarily pass on the full rate cut to consumers, and because of...

How to Find the Right Student Loans Online?

These days, you can readily find student loans online. With the help of technology, it is now easier to look for all types of loans without having to leave the house. Student loans online abound in the internet; with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can browse the websites of various providers and see what they have to offer.

Student loans online are designed to aid students in paying for their tuition, books and miscellaneous expenses, and board and lodging. These are different from other loans because their interest rate is often significantly lower plus the repayment schedule is deferred as long as you’re still studying. In many countries, laws concerning re-negotiating are usually applied to protect the applicant’s interest.

You can also find federal student loans online. These loans allow students to borrow money—with interest—and defer payment until they’re out of school. The difference is that federal loans are generally part of a financial package that aims to help applicants get scholarships as well as opportunities for work or further study.

There are basically two major types of student loans online to choose from: subsidized student loans and unsubsidized student loans. It is important to know their differences in order to find out which best suits your needs.

Subsidized student loans do not require you to pay interest while you are enrolled. The entire time you’re studying, it will be the federal government that pays the interest. The moment you graduate, however, the grace period ends and you are required to pay back the loan with interest.

On the other hand, unsubsidized student loans require you to pay interest even while you are still enrolled. Meanwhile, payment on the principal is deferred six months until six months after you graduate.

Subsidized student loans are based on financial need or status; unsubsidized student loans are not. Most private lenders, however, do look at the applicant’s parents’ income level no matter what type of loan is involved.

Unsubsidized student loans have a cap that is much higher than what subsidized student loans offer. Basically, you may borrow anything from $4000 to $5000 per year. If you have originally opted for a subsidized student loan and you’ve reached your cap, you may turn to an unsubsidized student loan for help. A lot of college students end up using both types of loan at one point or another.

Student loans online are going to cost you a great deal of money if you’re not careful. Find out what works for you best and go for it. In the meantime, try to limit your expenses and aim to get good grades so you can easily find gainful employment after graduation. Good luck!